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Social CNC and Trade Manufacturing Network

Social CNC and Trade is a networking site for the CNC Machine Tool and Manufacturing Industry. Here you can connect to other machinists, share your CNC knowledge and research machining concepts. We also offer trading for free to buy and sell used machines. Social CNC and Trade Manufacturing and Machinery Network read more
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In Bangladesh, a medical school is known as a medical college. Allopathic and Alternative Medicine related to medical education at the graduate level is provided by medical colleges. The colleges are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and are affiliated with a university in the respective region. They, however, have to be recognized after meeting a set criterion by a central regulatory authority called Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BM&DC). In 1986, all medical colleges were established by the government. Since then, several private medical colleges have been set up. There is a total of 90 recognized medical colleges in Bangladesh, 36 of which are public and 60 private. Apart from these, there are six medical colleges that are run by the Bangladesh Armed Forces and are under the Ministry of Defence. Careermarg education consultancy is one of the India’s leading education consultancies for mbbs in bangladesh for indian students. Join CareerMarg education consultancy for mbbs in bangladesh. Click here to know more.  rticle from here. read more
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 Is MBBS degree from Bangladesh valid in India     Bangladesh is one of the prominent countries where medical education has received such standards, where students from science discipline choose to pursue their MBBS in Bangladesh. The state of art education provided by the medical colleges here has no comparison to that provided by other countries. MBBS is one of the reputed courses that shape your personality from a student to a doctor. For this transition, students have to go through a long academic and practical journey of five years. However, there are many concerns about students, specially migrated from India, regarding the validity of MBBS degrees at Bangladesh colleges. Medical universities in Bangladesh welcome students from all over the globe and offer the best education facilities. From digital classes to high-tech medical laboratories and luxury hostel rooms to playgrounds and libraries, every medical college has carved out the best for its students. It is a big opportunity to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian students as the admission procedures are convenient when compared to other universities. You can apply for MBBS in Bangladesh through an online admission portal like and come to know the several options for MBBS admission in Bangladesh. However, one thing to remember is that the medical degree you receive from Bangladesh colleges/universities is valid in India and other countries. Students who are […] read more
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Scrum Master Training in Chennai

IntelliMindz Scrum Master Training in Chennai is a hands-on practical oriented and interactive Course designed to enhance your knowledge of Scrum. This Scrum Certification training is best for anyone eager and willing to learn Scrum Master. We at IntelliMindz provide a comprehensive overview of the Scrum framework for project management. Contact – +91 9655877677 / +91 9655877577.   read more
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Web Designing Course in Chennai

The core knowledge and abilities needed to succeed with web design software are the focus of IntelliMindz’s web design training in Chennai. For novices looking to learn web design from the ground up and advance to a certain level, our web design training in Chennai is the ideal programme. A great method to demonstrate your skill is to obtain a Web Designing Certification. With the aid of our Web Designing Certification programme in Chennai, improve your web design skills. You may pass web design certification exams with the aid of our web design training in Chennai. A valid proof of your accomplishments will be provided by your professional credentials from a web designing certification course. Our web design certification programme certifies candidates’ familiarity with applications and their web design. The certification course instruction indicates that applicants have good skills to work as a Web designer after providing experience in real-world projects at the course’s conclusion. It is more beneficial to attend the interview and also increase your chances of landing the job if you bring your CV and your certificate from the Web Designing course with you. In addition to the IntelliMindz Web Designing Certification Course in Chennai, our instructors […] read more
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