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Reduced testosterone, prescription drugs, insufficient or excessive exercise, alcohol and drug usage, and other disorders can all contribute to low libido. Psychological problems might include things like sadness, stress, and interpersonal difficulties. Four out of ten males over the age of 45 have low testosterone levels.


What Is Low Libido, Exactly?


The term “Low Libido Treatment in Delhi” refers to a diminished sexual inclination. Throughout life, libido levels change, so it’s normal to have brief declines in sexual desire. Furthermore, it’s common for your hobbies to periodically diverge from those of your partner. However, some people may become concerned if their libido declines for an extended period of time. It may occasionally be a symptom of an undiagnosed medical issue.



Here are a few logical explanations for why men’s libido may be declining.



prescribed drugs, low testosterone irritable bowel syndrome (RLS), persistent illnesses, depression, sleep problems, Age, anxiety, low self-esteem, insufficient (or excessive) exercise, Alcohol, drug use, the negative mental and physical implications of reduced libido, Outlook.


If a medical condition is to blame for your low libido, you may need to switch medications. If your low libido is caused by psychological issues, marriage treatment with a therapist may be required. Dial 7687878787 or 9871605858 to reach us, or stop by Dr. Raina’s Safe Hands Clinic.


Additionally, you are able to raise libido on your own. The following actions may help you increase your libido:-


• Changing to a healthy lifestyle


• Getting enough sleep


• Using stress-reduction methods


• Eating a healthier diet



Many men and women experience libido (sex desire) loss at some point in their lives.




Common Causes of Low Libido



• Difficulties in relationships


• Sexual problems


• Anxiety, anxiety, and exhaustion


• Depression


• Menopause and the ageing process


• Pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding


• Medical concerns that are underlying


• Birth control and medication


• Alcohol and drugs






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