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Since its inception in 2002, ALCOFIND has been dedicated to breathalyzer research and development, as well as being a specialized breathalyzer maker company in Korea. 

For the first time in Korea, ALCOFIND was able to commercialize breathalyzers using fuel cell sensors with the highest accuracy and reliability on the market. The Korean government named them a Global Small Hidden Champion and a World-Class Product Manufacturer, and they are quickly becoming a global leader. 

ALCOFINDAF-50Industrial Use Product 

ALCOFIND AF-50 with a premium Fuel Cell Sensor is a professional breathalyzer with extremely high-reliability. The AF-50 has a memory function that allows you to review detailed test history and adjust operation settings such as alarm level, calibration scheduling, measurement unit, buzzer level, and screen brightness via the menu. 

Key Features of AF-50Industrial Use

Ø  Premium fuel cell sensor

Ø  OLED display

Ø  Store 100 test results with test number, date and time

Ø  Adjustable user setting menu

Ø  Calibration reminder

Ø  Battery level indicator and notification

Ø  Power saving function (automatic power off)

Ø  Test number display 

AF-50 Industrial Use Specification

Ø  Measurement range: 0.000 ~ 0.500 %BAC, 0.00 ~ 5.00 ‰, 0.00 ~ 2.50 mg/L

Ø  Sensor: Premium Fuel Cell Sensor

Ø  Accuracy: ±0.005 %BAC (at 0.100 %BAC, at 25 ), ±0.05 ‰ (at 1.00 ‰, at 25 ), ±0.025 mg/L (at 0.50 mg/L, at 25 )

Ø  Analysis time (at 25 ): Approx. 4 s (at 0.000 %BAC), approx. 12 s (at 0.050 %BAC)

*Analysis time may vary depending on the test condition and environment.

Ø  Display: OLED (128 x 64 pixel)

Ø  Memory: Store 100 test results with test number, date and time

Ø  Power supply: Two AA alkaline batteries

Ø  Dimensions (WxHxD): 60 x 128 x 24 mm

Ø  Weight: 130 g (including batteries)

Ø  Calibration Period: Every 12 months or after 500 tests

Ø  Operating temperature:  -5 ~ 40  

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