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The Artificial Intelligence in Oncology market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 54%

The success of currently employed artificial intelligence (AI) solutions has encouraged researchers to explore the potential of such technologies in the healthcare sector, with its prime focus being oncology, to enable the treatment of several prevalent malignancies.   London   Roots Analysishas announced the addition of “Artificial Intelligence in Oncology Market, 2022-2035” report to its list of offerings.   Several AI technologies demonstrating the potential to diagnose precancerous lesions are expected to be capable of reducing mortality rates by improving detection accuracy, speed and providing assistance in clinical decision-making. This is further expected to result in better clinical outcomes. Overall, this domain is anticipated to gain significant traction, in the foreseen future.   Key Market Insights   Over 76 companies claim to be engaged in the development of AI in oncology software solutions The AI in diagnostics market is dominated by companies based in North America, primarily in the US; of these, majority were established post 2010 and are small firms. Majority of the companies in this domain offer software solutions to hospitals (52%).   Nearly 2,770 patents have been filed / granted for AI based software solutions targeting oncology Reflecting the increasing research efforts of several industry players engaged […] read more
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Top AI Stocks in India 2023

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and most of these changes can be attributed to the rapid technological progress being made by humans. Progress in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been crucial for making our lives more convenient and better. In order to keep up with this technological progress, the Indian government has increased its investment in Digital India to boost Artificial Intelligence, big data, IoT, machine learning, robotics, and cybersecurity. This has made it lucrative for investors and analysts to look toward the top AI stocks in India for investments. List of 8 Top AI Stocks in India – The following table lists the top AI stocks in India according to their market capitalization. Tata Elxsi Ltd. Bosch Ltd. Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd. Persistent Systems Ltd. Affle India Ltd. Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd. Cyient Ltd. Zensar Technologies Ltd. Read More about in detail AI Stocks in India read more
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Level Up Your Customer Service With Haive’s Live Chat Feature

It is essential to answer one query to succeed with the plan to provide excellent customer service with chat support. What do customers anticipate from a product? The response is relatively straightforward, yet getting it right is just as challenging as rewarding– a beautiful experience. A remarkable encounter with the customer service department contributes significantly to developing solid client relations, enhancing customer engagement, and acquiring additional consumers.   An in-depth analysis of what makes for excellent customer service is presented in the following paragraphs.    Personalization   Every time a consumer contacts a business for help, they want the interaction to be cordial and catered to their needs. Companies are being put under more and more pressure to comprehend the intentions of their clients and provide relevant, individualised service.   Speed    Customers frequently anticipate receiving immediate answers to their issues whenever they call customer service. Both a quick answer and a good response are crucial.   Consistency    Conflicting answers from various agents to the same inquiries may not promote a company’s brand properly and may make clients lose faith in the firm’s goods and services. Therefore, businesses must maintain consistency in the level of customer care they provide.   Convenience    Customers in today’s world multitask constantly […] read more
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Comparaison entre Bard et ChatGPT

Il est intéressant de comparer Bard avec ChatGPT, un autre chatbot développé par OpenAI. ChatGPT présente plusieurs similitudes avec Bard, notamment dans sa capacité à générer du texte et interagir avec les utilisateurs en langage naturel. Cependant, Bard se distingue par ses fonctionnalités avancées, comme sa compréhension approfondie du contexte et sa flexibilité pour s’adapter à différents domaines d’application. En outre, contrairement à Bard, ChatGPT prend en charge la langue française, ce qui pourrait expliquer pourquoi certains marchés sont plus enclins à adopter ChatGPT plutôt que Bard. À lire également ·         ChatGPT dans Bing ·         L’impact de chatGPT-4 sur l’industrie de l’AI à Genéve ·         Implementing AI in Your Business       ·      Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Dialogue Optimization   read more
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L’impact de Chat GPT-4 sur l’industrie de l’intelligence artificielle à Genève

Chat GPT-4 a un impact significatif sur l’industrie de l’intelligence artificielle à Genève. Les entreprises peuvent désormais utiliser cette technologie pour automatiser des tâches répétitives, améliorer la communication avec les clients et optimiser les processus métier. Il peut également être utilisé pour développer des chatbots plus avancés qui peuvent répondre à des questions plus complexes et fournir une assistance en temps réel. Cette technologie permet également une amélioration de l’expérience utilisateur, en fournissant des réponses plus précises et plus rapides aux questions posées par les clients. En somme, Chat GPT-4 est en passe de révolutionner l’industrie de l’intelligence artificielle à Genève, offrant des possibilités d’automatisation et une amélioration significative de l’expérience client.       read more
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