Jogini Waterfall Experiencing the Jogini Waterfall From the Best Riverside Villa in Manali. Jogini Waterfall is situate in the lovely Manali Valley, about 2 kilometers from the well-known Vashisht Temple and about 3 kilometers from the busy town. The trip from Vashisht Temple through orchards and pine forests to the captivating Jogini Waterfalls. This cascade from an altitude of 160 feet, is what makes it a famous tourist destination. As they cross numerous smaller streams, the trekkers are mesmeriz by the stunning panorama of the river Beas as well as the snow-capped peaks of Rohtang. When touring the gorgeous Manali Valley, it is essential to stop at the Jogini Waterfall, which is a full delight for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. It is the Best Season for Manali Visit now. Best Riverside Villa in Manali, Experience of Jogini Waterfalls Carry a camera to record the mind-blowing splendor of the site. The hike towards the Jogini Waterfall takes around 3 hours. There are eateries along the road that serve regional food and also steaming cups of chai if you wish to make a pit stop. Couples go to the fascinating waterfall, which is regarded as one of Manali’s most romantic attractions and also […] read more