There’s more opportunity than ever for self-published books to succeed – any stigmas about publishing methods are fading. But to be competitive, you need to get it right with the details, including book printing. The conventional wisdom might be to sign up for print-on-demand, yet there may be better options available. Digital printing makes short runs possible that don’t strain your budget. If you can achieve book sales above 2,000 copies, it’s worth hearing prices for traditional offset printing. It can bring down your per-copy price and improve profitability. Both are to your benefit in the long run. What is the best way to print a self-published book? It varies by author and often depends on whether you can predict your book’s sales. If you’re writing your first book on a shoestring budget and are still determining whether it will sell on-demand printing may be the preferable option. But if you know your sales or customers buy your book to coincide with other services, you can predict your sales. For those self-publishers, printing books conventionally is nearly always more profitable. It also allows you to sell books wherever you choose, including everything from your own website to Amazon Marketplace. If […] read more