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5 Popular Incentive Programs Work for Painters Businesses

As a paint manufacturer, you must tick all the above boxes before rolling out your paints and coatings into the market. But it would be best if you were particularly careful about the last two. Channel partners are the backbone of your brand and they can make or break your business. So, it is crucial to adopt the right channel incentive programs to motivate and keep them loyal. 1. Sales incentives These are the most common types of incentives channel sales partners receive in the paint industry when they achieve or exceed a particular sales target. Even though a majority of sales incentives are monetary, sales incentives such as single-use debit cards, gift cards, and point-based rewards are gaining popularity in the sector. Many renowned paint brands around the globe use sales incentives to reward their channel sales partners after they achieve specific revenue goals. If you want to motivate your channel partners and retain them for a long time, sales incentives will work like a charm. 2. Sales Performance Incentive Funds These incentives are designed to achieve high sales targets for a specific product or push harder for sales in a relatively short period of time. A recent report in Economic […] read more
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Your Ultimate Guide For Channel Loyalty Programs

If you’re a traditional manufacturer or a B2B marketer, then you must be familiar with the terms ‘value chain distribution channel’ and ‘channel Loyalty programs.’ The former refers to intermediaries—distributors, dealers, stockists, wholesalers, and retailers—through which the end-user buys a product or service. The latter is a method to reward the intermediaries, aka channel partners, when they perform a desired activity or achieve sales targets and milestones. This blog post details everything you need to know about channel incentive programs starting from various types to the challenges, solutions, and best practices to run effective channel incentive programs. Types of channel incentive programs Channel incentive programs come in several different types. Some are designed to enhance sales volumes and profits of a sales channel, while others are created to enhance engagement with channel partners. Here are seven common types of channel incentive programs. 1. Sales incentives: Among the most popular incentives, these long-term programs are designed to enhance overall sales across a brand’s products. In this, channel sales partners receive incentives upon exceeding sales targets, volumes, and margins.  2. Sales performance incentive funds: These are performance-driven incentives that channel partners receive after promoting or selling specific products. When a brand invests in SPIFs, […] read more
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