Mobile applications fuel many of these online shopping parties. In fact, the astounding growth of the e-commerce industry is partly due to an increase in smartphone usage across the globe. As a result, organizations all around the world have a larger demand for Android application development. This brings up the subject of e-commerce software and the elements that influence their significance for your online enterprise. More people than ever are making online purchases using mobile apps rather than a Desktop. You are losing out on a sizable number of potential clients who are willing to conduct online purchases if your company doesn’t have a mobile app. The Incredible Growth Of The Mobile App Industry! Without smartphones and the apps they contain, modern life would be almost unfathomable. All agree that it is true. According to Ecommerce development company In 2018, app store users generated $101 billion in income. By the end of the year, it is anticipated to be worth $120 billion. Users downloaded 194 billion apps globally in only 2018 alone. The astounding rise in popularity of mobile apps has been attributed to a number of factors. Smartphone apps have significantly changed the way we work, socialise, and have […] read more