A blockchain is a collection of unchangeable data records that have been time-stamped during the hiring process and are managed by a group of computers owned by a single entity. Each data block is secured and connected using cryptographic ideas. The blockchain concept is still determining how it fits into the hiring process. You could say that it has only just begun. If you’re a recruiter looking for new trends to follow, learn how blockchain can have a positive effect on the hiring process. 7 Smart Ways to Change the Hiring Process Using Blockchain 1) Simple Onboarding Hiring Process The hiring process must receive time and resources from the HR department. This involves conducting background checks, filling out forms, and handling a tonne of paperwork. How does blockchain reduce these efforts, then? You might shorten the time needed for the onboarding process by storing the new employee’s credentials and other data on the blockchain. 2) Thorough Checking One of the challenging and time-consuming tasks for employers is vetting. The entire procedure, which includes emails, phone conversations, and records of search hours to verify the authenticity of all the candidates’ information, is sped up by blockchain. Recruiters may easily keep all […] read more