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What are the important factors to consider while renting a commercial truck?

Truck renting is not like renting other vehicles. Basically, trucks and vans are considered “commercial vehicles.” Typically, commercial vehicles are priced differently & have different insurance rules.  When you rely on truck rentals for business purpose, you will have plenty of options available in commercial truck rental companies. If you are in need to expand your business with a fleet, there are two options to consider. You can either rent a truck or take a loan to purchase a truck. In both cases, there is a benefit, but let’s explore some things to consider when renting a commercial truck.  When you rent a commercial truck for your business, you will not be responsible for any kind of vehicle repair and maintenance, which ultimately saves you a huge amount of money over time. Here you have some things to consider as it pertains to commercial truck renting.  read more
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One Stop Solution for all Your Trucking Needs.

Fraikin Dayim is one of the leading truck rental and leasing company in Saudi Arabia running over 70 years of experience. We are experience in serving fleets to the biggest clients globally. We are serving the industries that required for rental and leasing vehicles such as: Food & Beverages, Ecommerce, Logistics, Pharmaceutical, and many other industrial sectors. Moreover, Fraikin leverages strong technical capabilities to track & optimize the fleet management network process globally. read more
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