The Ultimate Guide On How To Ship Art Internationally There are many different civilizations in India, and each one has its own unique traditional arts. With more than 7 million artisans engaged along the road, the antiquities business is thought to be one of the major sources of employment, particularly for women. Shipping fine art or valuable artefacts is a difficult technical task in addition to being a specialized, expensive operation. Watch to see how. Steps To Effortlessly Ship Art Globally  Most exported artefacts are typically modern sculptures or display pieces, which are virtually completely at risk of movement. Other times, the relics are too delicate and must be handled with extreme caution.   Packaging : The first thing you should do when sending any artefact is to properly package and safeguard it.  Accurate Measurements: First, precisely measure the artwork and make sure the package is at least two to three inches larger than the artwork. The artwork might be damaged en route if your packaging material is insufficient or has an uncertain quantity.   Cover With Bubble Foam: The majority of artefact pieces are cushioned with foam. It's crucial to choose the right kind of foam to use […] read more